Cancer being a complex and systemic disease, it has no silver bullet. Early on in its course, cancer usually affects one organ system but sooner or later, other organs become diseased as well by spreading throughout the body (called “metastasis”). Usually, tumors detected early, respond better to conventional treatments, like surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy or immune therapies given judiciously & simultaneously improve the rates of cure and future remissions. But many factors including stress, environmental changes, oncogenes, suppressed immune functions and dietary deficiencies can actually redevelop the tumor and often, into a much more aggressive form.

In order to help the body fight cancer better & prevent remission it’s mandatory to improve the body’s fighting capacity or immune system, correct dietary habits & reduce stress. It’s here where integrative medicine can play a vital role. Integrated medicine is a novel concept where conventional (evidence-based) medicine and complementary systems of medicine could go hand in hand. By this, the patient not only gets the benefit of the conventional medicine but also from other branches of medicine. A qualified team of experts from both the fields with an experience in the field of cancer can certainly improve the quality of life in patients during all stages of cancer.