Homoeopathy discovered in the midst 18th century has completed more than 200 years in its service to humanity. Discovered by a German physician, Dr Samuel Hahnemann , was one of the foremost pathies that treated an individual suffering from a disease. It not only acted on the symptoms of the disease, but also on the past and present mental attributions. Homoeopathy is now included by the WHO as one of the systems of medicine which can be integrated (during conventional Allopathic treatment).

Role of Homoeopathy in Integrated Cancer treatments
• A] Preventive
• B] Integrating
• D] Post conventional cancer treatments
• C] Palliative

Treating Tobacco addictions with Homoeopathy
It’s now become a known fact that Tobacco is one of the leading causes of cancer in the world and numerous government agencies are trying very hard to put restrictions on it.They are growing more awareness of the disasters it can cause in a human life and the damage it’s creating in the environment. There is a lot below the carpet in consumptions of tobacco, it’s the life style, the capacity to deal with stress which could be personal, professional, and financial and the state of mind dealing with it. Moreover once they get used to a particular addiction it becomes rather more strenuous for a patient to quit it. We at CHC provide a team of professional doctors & therapists who manage stress and withdrawal symptoms by Homoeopathic medicines, thereby help control tobacco related cravings. This further on can certainly make the patient completely free from tobacco addictions and prevent him from getting diseases like cancer.

Integrating Homoeopathy with Conventional Oncological Treatments
• Reducing side-effects caused by Chemotherapy – Chemotherapy basically destroys not only cancer cells but also the normal cells to a large extent. The most affected cells are the white blood cells, mucosal cells [lining the mouth, extending to the gastro-intestinal system] and epidermal cells [cells on top of the layers of skin]. Resulting in falling immunity ,gastro-intestinal disturbances like loss of appetite, diarrhoea, constipation, hair fall etc. Homoeopathic medicines along with our Nutritional program help in curbing side-effects caused in the gastro-intestinal system. It also helps the patient regain its functions like normal bowel movements, improving appetite, reducing nausea and helps the patient cope up with the side-effects caused on the physical body during Chemotherapy regimens.
• Reducing side-effects caused by Radiotherapy – Radiotherapy is treatment with Radiation energy. As Cancer cells have a larger nuclei, they multiply faster than normal cells. X Rays, Gamma Rays and Electrons are given in a form of Radiation energy to the affected part. Tissues absorb this radiation energy further causing chemical changes in cells and damage the genes. Here on, cells are unable to multiply and most of the Cancer cells which are unable to multiply, undergo cell death. A patient under Radiotherapy commonly develops loss of appetite, loss of energy, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, diarrhoea, difficult urination and defecation. Homoeopathic medicines can help control the symptoms post Radiation. Further on, they also help Detox the organs affected from negative effects of Radiation. Homoeopathic Supplements neither interfere nor enhance Radiation effects. They simply help patients cope up physically and psychologically during their on going Radiation Therapy in Cancer treatment.It also helps patients cope psychologically during conventional cancer treatments.

Homoeopathy for Detoxification
Homoeopathy uses natural substances in different dilutions for various pathological conditions. In Homoeopathy, higher the dilution, higher is the potency. Studies have shown that Homoeopathic remedies in low potency are given to patients to improve functions of organs and help in the process of detoxification. Constituents present in these Homoeopathic remedies help improve the draining capacity of the target organs. They basically complement in removing accumulated toxins in the body via these organs. Toxins could be metabolic internal toxins or accumulated external toxins like chemicals and heavy metals over a period of time. It is a known fact now that these toxins if not removed, could circulate and hamper functions of vital organs. Thus a Homoeopathic Detoxification undertaken by a proper medical supervision could serve as an important role in Holistic cancer management therapy.