Case Study

Case of Ca Breast Right side

• K/C/O: Ca Breast Right side [Infiltrating duct Ca] Grade 3.

• She presented to us with discharge from operated site since 2 months, offensive, mild swelling and poor healing.

• Treatment taken:
Complete Mastectomy of right breast in January 2008. Post surgery the wound failed to heal and there was a continuous serous discharge from the operated wound. She had a non healing ulcer and wanted treatment for it.

In her Personality
• She had a lot of anxieties, specially of separation
• She was fastidious by nature and required everything to perfection
• Her work commanded a lot of feminine dominance so her nature reflected dominance, strictness.She was very workaholic.
• She was a no nonsense women and her anger could get a bit of violent, but on the other hand there was a sympathetic side of her too.
• She loved to travel and was very passionate about art & music.
• She had a strong family history of cancer involving her mother and practically all her cousin sisters.

Her treatment was started by us, focusing on her wound only as she was very clear about it that she didn’t want herself to be treated for cancer but only her wound.

Follow up:
• 7/03/08 - Calendula 30, 5 pills thrice a day for a week and along with that dressing done with Calendula mother tincture.
• Surprisingly in a fortnight there was no discharge and wound showed good healing.
• This had her develop confidence in our pathy and then decided to completely switch on to alternative medicine. She completely refused undergoing Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy for the same. Even with our convincing her about the disease and benefits of modern medicine, still she decided to turn to Homoeopathy and Mistletoe therapy.
• Well it’s now been 7 years and she is completely free of her disease with no remission at all.
• Medicines used for her treatment were Nit Ac & Carcinosin
• She was also on Immunomodulatory drug – Iscador(Viscum Album)
• A combination of medications,councelling and a change in life style has made a complete difference to her life and her battle against cancer.

Case of Multiple Myeloma

In 2007 presented to us with complaints of severe pain in neck, cervical region with tingling numbness on both his arms. He had been diagnosed as a case of multiple myeloma in 2007. His blood reports clearly showed in
Serum Protein Electrophoresis
Electrophoretic pattern - Abnormal
Monoclonal M band - Present
Location of M band -Gamma
Concentration of M band – 1.0 g/dl

IgG 1660 (N=751-1560)
Kappa 1320 (N=629-1350)
Lambda 321 (N=313-723)

Monoclonal Band is of IgG Kappa
Bone marrow aspiration – 40% Plasma cells
MRI of Spine – Partial collapse of cervical vertebrae – C567.

He was referred to Jaslok Hospital where he took Chemotherapy- 5 cycles,Radiation- 5 cycles but could not complete the entire course as he could not tolerate it.
With no choice he resorted to the Homoeopathic line of treatment under us in December 2007. A completely devastated man with physical pain in the neck limiting his movement to a large extent and with financial tension on his head he was under immense stress. There was an inbuilt anger about his disease and the financial betrayal he had undergone but a complete loss of direction he had in his life.
Understanding his physical and psychological state, we started on Homoeopathic Medicine and having a close follow up on his disease status.
Mr P. surprisingly showed a fantastic response. In a span of 3 weeks his neck pains completely reduced and the numbness in both arms considerably reduced.
It was the first step we had covered and had a long way to go as a disease like multiple Myeloma has a short duration of remission. But with close maintaining and a sheer faith which Mr P had in us, it’s been 8 years and there has been no remission, no pain, at all. Moreover Mr P. follows up with the medical Oncologists and at times with the Tata Memorial Hospital as there are times there is a fluctuation in the serum electrophoretic levels. However he has not undergone any conventional treatments for the fluctuating levels. He is living a regular life like one of us. He is still following up for the same. The Homoeopathic medicines which truly helped him were Staph, Ruta, Cal Phosphoricum.

Case of Carcinoma Lungs with metastasis

Mr. A., a known case of Carcinoma Lung with metastasis to lungs and bone. Mr. A. 65 years of age complained of pain in the right hip joint in the year 2010. On further investigation of MRI it had revealed that there was a mass lesion of the right Ilium affecting the hip joint and the sacroiliac joint . On further investigation by the Oncologist, it was found that he had a lesion in the lungs too and a CT guided biopsy revealed Metastatic Adeno Carcinoma .
According to the Oncologist it was the primary site (Lung).
A PET CT revealed metastasis in the brain, right lung and lymph nodes in the lungs
Thereafter he was put on Chemotherapy for the Ca Lung (6 cycles) and Radiation for Right Hip joint. The lung lesion responded very well to Chemotherapy but the Right hip joint and brain remained as it is.
He consulted us in 2011 at the Saifee Hospital OPD.
The main objective of the treatment was not to allow further metastasis and let the disease be stable. Metastases were present in the brain and the Right hip joint.
To avoid surgeries, he was advised Levipil 500 mg.
He started with Homoeopathic medicines in the year 2011
In order to control the metastasis in the brain, we followed the Banerjee Protocol and for the past 4 years the patient is completely stable and asymptomatic
Medically, there are no further bone and brain metastasis. The previous brain metastasis are as it is. He has been under regular follow ups with his medical Oncologist, Dr Saikia and his progress is fairly good. It is only last month, September 2015 there has been few lymphadenopathy in the right lung and Dr Saikia has suggested a short course of Chemotherapy for the same.
The PET CT reveals no changes in the areas of brain and the hip joint. Medicines were purely given on research background oh Homoeopathy following the Banerjee Protocol.

Case of Carcinoma Bladder

In 2014 he had complained of Haematruia (blood in urine) and pain while passing urine following which an USG and CT Scan was performed, it showed a huge mass (4.3 x 4 cms) in the bladder near the vesico-urethral junction. CT showed a huge malignant mass encapsulated in the bladder wall. He was immediately put on Chemotherapy but he strongly reacted and couldn’t tolerate it. Post 2 cycles the Chemotherapy was stopped.
His Haematruia and pain while passing urine continued, he and his family were driven to utter frustration with no ways to go. They resorted to Homoeopathy. They visited us at Saifee Hospital.
For us the primary objective was to control the bleeding, reduce the pain and ease the micturation. A Cancer of that size is very difficult to dissolve with any medication.
With clear objectives of improving the quality of life in him a remedy called ‘Taraxacum’ was started. Homoeopathic literatures and journals mention good effects of Taraxacum in bladder Cancer.
To our's and patient’s surprise, in a span of 7 to 10 days the bleeding reduced drastically and then in a fortnight completely stopped. It was also very astonishing to the medical Oncologist.
Few doses of a Homoeopathic Medicine, Arsenic Album along with Taraxacum in low potency eased practically all the complaints of Mr. C., on the contrary, he became asymptomatic. He resumed his daily walks and his two hours at the office.
He was also on Iscador QU serie 0. He had a complete follow up of 1 year with no disease progress.
Unfortunately during a cystoscopy procedure to know the exact position of the tumour, there was a rupture of one of the blood vessels causing severe haematuria and the patient succumed to shock at the OT.


Mahendra Pawar Testimonial

Health Report

• I, Mr. Mahendra Pawar, would like to share my wonderful experience with my present doctor, Dr. Ravi Doctor. He is a man with an amazing experience of doctoring the patients with love, and utmost care.

• In the month of something around October-November, 2007, I could feel a minor pain in my shoulder. I, as usual, visited my family doctor and took certain medications prescribed by him. Even after 2-3 visits I could not feel it retarding. I tried some kind of oil massages, but it didn’t work at all. Then someone suggested the name of Dr. Mukhi in Mulund. He suggested me to go for a MRI. In the report it was diagnosed that my spine had seen a partial D1 collapse with altered marrow signal. Dr. Mukhi advised me to take bed rest, I came to know seriousness of my illness and immediately I got admitted in the same hospital that was 23rd December 2006.meanwhile he got done my CT-guided Biopsy. Ct-guided FNAC ofD1 vertebral lesion showed mainly lymphocytes and plasma \cells. It was also diagnosed that I had multiple myeloma. The doctor referred me to Dr. S.H. Advani at Jaslok Hospital.

• It was 4th January 2007 1st week of new year I have been shifted from Dr.Mukhi’s Hospital to Jaslok. Dr. S. H. Advani had examined me as well as my earlier reports and very firs he gave me confidence that nothing to worry about as It is initial stage and you will be all right within a span of short time. In Jaslok I underwent Chemo-therapy 1st cycle, then from 16th to 27th Jan 2007 they gave me 10 doses of 30cGy of radiation for 12 days. They gave me discharge on 27th Jan 2007 till that time I could stood on my legs but I became totally week and strength less. After that I took 5 more cycles of Chemo-therapy by gape of 21 days. 16-06-2007 to 16/06/20007 was my last admission in Jaslok Hospital. After that I again underwent some Ultrasound of left shoulder and groin, Bone Marrow Aspiration there I got satisfactory reports. Till then to get longer relief Dr. Advani had asked me to go for Cell transplant treatment which was so expensive and painful. Financially it was not possible for me to go for such a treatment and after getting demo of such a painful treatment I could never mentally prepared for the same and I was little bit worried about my life.

• Meantime I came to know about Dr. Ravi Doctor, Just like a call for life, I went to him with my all previous reports. He gone through all my previous reports. He is a homeopathy doctor, he started treating me his modus operandi made me feel even better than his medicines, he started building up my confidence level . I started taking his homeopathy medicine. After to-three weeks I felt like I could recover my health, I am getting back my energy, freshness and all. It has become almost a year and a half that I am taking treatment from him. In between he had given me Ozone Therapy where I got much relief, freshness. By his homeopath medicine I could maintain my complete blood counting in normal range. Every month I have been doing my blood reports. Now the day has arrived that I can even stop the medication.

• I feel that Dr. Ravi Doctor is a god-sent angel in my life. And I would like to thank him from the bottom of my heart.

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