Cancer and Nutrition

A proper nutritious diet is very important in fighting all types of diseases and in a disease like cancer, nutrition play a key role. Cancer does not only affect the host organ but affects the entire system, thus altering the cravings and dislikes of a person. Ongoing treatments like Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy also make it difficult for the patients to enjoy their food. We at CHC understand the desires of each person and design specific meals which are not only healthy but also tasty. In an era where nutrition is researched and people believe in miracle foods like garlic, broccoli, turmeric etc. for keeping cancer under control, we design each meal with such miracle foods. The preparations are simple and easy to digest but at the same time loaded with different beneficial and nutritious ingredients. Belonging to a land of spices we definitely believe in the miracles of turmeric, pepper and other spices but how often does a patient will to consume it. The meals designed at CHC do not only tempt the patients to eat but also leave us satisfied that the nutritional requirements of the patient is met.
We offer a varied option of dishes from different Cuisines and each one specifically selected to suit the patients taste.

‘Our aim is making healthy food non boring’

Different diet plans offered at CHC

1] Energy Diet: This diet is designed for the patients who are losing weight and energy, the high protein meals are loaded with energy but at the same time simple and easy to digest. Since weight loss is one of the major side effects of the ongoing treatment like Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy, this diet is specially planned to meet the needs of such patients.
2] Target Meals: There are various problems like nausea, vomiting, ulcers, sore mouth, loose motions, constipations and much more which a cancer patient faces .These problems can be due to the disease itself or due to the ongoing treatment. The diet designed under this module comprises of simple and easy to chew meals. For patients suffering from ulcers and sore mouth soothing and easily palatable meals are crafted. Similarly in a patient having constipation roughage and fibre is supplemented through the diets.
3] Maintenance Meals: This comprises of meals designed for cancer patients currently on maintenance treatments / therapies. A proper balance of antioxidants, vitamins and well calculated calories to suit each individuals. The meals under this plan are crafted to build up the immune system and repair the body which has gone through a lot of stress due to the disease and certain treatments. These power packed meals along with the other therapies offered at CHC aim at keeping cancer at bay.