Approach of Cancer Holistic Care



A noble concept developed by Dr Ravi Doctor integrating modern medicine with holistic medicine to fight cancer better.
As cancer a systemic disease where there are multiple causes and one of the main cause is breakdown of the immune system. It affects major systems of the body and over a period of time like a parasite destroys the body completely. Its treatment should therefore be scientific, natural, systematic and multidimensional. Associated with the cancer holistic care concept are medical oncologists and practitioners from recognized alternative systems of medicines. They together help cancer patients by integrating standard medicine with holistic therapies to support the cancer patient's fight against the disease.

Therapies offered:

• Homeopathy in cancer
• Iscador therapy in cancer -(Mistletoe therapy)
• Nutrition in cancer - Life Style changes
• Psychological counselling
• Art therapy
• Music therapy
• Eurythmy

These treatments help patients in a holistic way by:
• Reducing (short-term and long-term) side-effects of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy
• Improving and maintaining a competent Immune system
• Reducing risk of Cancer recurrence
• Psychologic support

For terminal cancers / Palliative stage:
Main goal here is to bring in quality of life in terminal cancer patients offering:
• Bedside care
• Nursing care
• Pain and wound management

• To integrate these therapies, doctors of both the systems jointly decide the further course during and post conventional cancer treatments.