Iscador (Mistletoe Therapy)

Anthroposophical Medicine was founded by Rudolf Steiner (1896 – 1925) and Dr Ita Wegman (1876- 1943) Anthroposophical medicine uses modern diagnostic techniques, treatments and compliments them with medicinal products and methods that activate the self healing powers of the human being. Its therapeutic tools include Anthroposophic medicine, Artistic therapies, Speech therapies, Counselling and Physical treatments. One of the products of Anthroposophic medicine used in Cancer treatments is the Mistletoe extracts. Mistletoe extracts have been used in form of adjuvant treatment for malignant tumours in both complementary and conventional cancer treatments in European countries for the past 40 years or more. It contains Viscotoxins, Mistletoe Lectins and other constituents which have Immunomodulatory effects.

It helps Cancer patients by:
• Improving general condition of patient undergoing Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy (thereby helps tolerance)
• Inhibition of Tumour growth with no damage to healthy tissues
• Helps in pain management
• Immuno-stimulation helps reduction in susceptibility to infections
• Improves quality of life in Cancer patients Physically and Psychologically
• Prevents recurrence of Tumours thus improves longevity of life

They are basically available in the form of subcutaneous injections by the name of Iscador and Helixor. These injections are given subcutaneously with a set protocol of increasing dosages and as a Maintenance Therapy