Cancer and Art

Since ancient times man has believed and proved that any creative expression has the ability and the power to help us fight our demons, emotionally and physically.

Our medical fraternity is constantly developing new technologies to help fight the biggest demon- Cancer. However it is only recently that people have started paying attention to emotional and spiritual health as well. Today, we have finally realized the significance of emotional and spiritual make-up in healing any physical condition.

Art is simply one of the many creative expressions, giving us an outlet to release our emotions and feelings safely without causing harm to ourselves or others. None of us are strangers to the immense depression and loneliness any cancer fighter goes through and no doubt it is one tough run. Painting or drawing out these feelings of terror and fear helps one gain some semblance of balance and calm in a life already torn up with trauma, suffering and pain. Art gives people fighting any medical condition an alternative to sound mental health.

A balanced and sound mind will in turn promote will power, determination, and positivity and all of which are incredibly necessary tools to fight Cancer. In fact all of these may make the difference between winning and losing, Take up the paint brush and colour away your blues !